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Think Local First of Washtenaw County

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Membership in Think Local First is open to locally-owned businesses, organizations, and individuals who commit to and are able to purchase goods and services from as many local sources as possible.

Mary Underwood owner of Front Porch Textiles emailed us to say:

"A major 'thank you' to you and to Think Local First.  Yesterday I had a call from Susan Christian of Meadowlark Builders.  She thought it would be good to have as many local furnishing for their home in the NARI tour this weekend.  

She looked at the Think Local First website and saw my name there.  Looks like I'll have many pieces in the home so I'm absolutely thrilled.  I'm so grateful for the exposure.  This alone was worth my annual entry fee and I hope to have many more stories like this to share with you."

Are we right for your business? Take a look at these questions below to see if you qualify!

Membership Criteria:

Please take a few moments to answer the following questions to determine the best type of membership for you. (You can join as an individual if you do not own a business or represent an organization):

  1. Is your business interested in and able to buy goods, products and services from other locally owned businesses as well as supporting the community?  Yes or No
  2. Is your business privately held? (Not publicly traded) Yes or No
  3. Is your business registered in the state of Michigan, with no corporate or national headquarters outside of the state? Yes or No
  4. Do you pay all your own marketing, rent and other business expenses (without assistance from, or payment to, a corporate headquarters)? Yes or No
  5. Can your business make independent decisions regarding the name and look of your business, as well as all business purchasing, practices and distribution? Yes or No
  6. Do the business owners, totaling greater than 50% of the business ownership, live within 10 miles of Washtenaw County?  Yes or No

If you can answer Yes to all of these questions, we invite you to become a Business Member of Think Local First.

We recognize that there are businesses that have an interest in buying local and giving back to the community, so we invite businesses that answerED Yes to Questions 1-4 to become a business supporter.


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Join Us!

If you'd like to be part of what we're doing, click here to find out more about Think Local First membership.

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