Repurchase of loans: Who obtains a grouping of credits?

Too many credits, too many monthly payments and not enough budget to live or embark on a new project?

Before declaring yourself in over-indebtedness and going through the Agree Bank box, there is a stage which makes it possible to relieve your ends and beginnings of difficult months: the grouping of credits.

As the name suggests, instead of having several loans, the borrower has only one, longer, but with less heavy monthly payments. In concrete terms, the bank pays its various loans to it and is reimbursed the amount advanced over a longer period and at a fixed interest rate. The borrower therefore reimburses the bank, which reimburses its loans.

In 8 months 22,350 households received a positive response from the bank

In 8 months 22,350 households received a positive response from the bank

Despite its particularities, the grouping of loans remains a loan, and as with any loan, it is useful to compare establishments, offers and rates. As a broker, Good Bank therefore offers this service and since the beginning of the year, 23,350 households have obtained a consolidation solution via our site.

What is their profile ?

What is their profile ?

Who are these people ? What is their profile and why are they asking for a combination? Man Woman ? Alone or as a couple? With or without children? Owner or tenant? We give you a portrait of these people who felt the need to reduce their credit budget, because it was necessary to act quickly before it was too late or simply to embark on a new project. Picture portrait:

To caricature, the typical profile of a person obtaining a grouping of credits is therefore a 45-year-old man, in a couple and with a child. He works on a permanent contract and his couple earns a total of $ 3,122 per month. With at least 3 consumer loans and a mortgage, once all of his monthly payments (loan, charges, pensions) have been settled, he begins his month with $ 1,500.

“A not yet uncomfortable place to live”

"A not yet uncomfortable place to live"

“Admittedly, they are almost 50% indebted but they finally have, even before operation, a not completely uncomfortable living space to live”, underlines Merl Bandie, the spokesperson for Good Bank.

“50% of pure comfort groupings”

"50% of pure comfort groupings"

Guillaume Follet, in charge of the credit consolidation service at Good Bank, notes that in the distribution of profiles, only a minority is really in a precarious situation : “50% are groups of pure comfort where the goal is to increase their balance to live and create an “air bubble” in their budget, 20% want to clean up a situation to buy a new property or improve an existing property, 15% want to finance a rental investment and finally 15% concern so-called complex groupings where indeed the financial situation is very delicate. “.

This study was carried out on the files submitted and having found a positive response via Good Bank. Today, whatever your profile and your project, you can submit yours so that our specialist advisers on the issue can find a solution.