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Seven Reasons to Think Local First

Businesses owned by local people that are free to make their own operating decisions benefit our community in a variety of ways. They:
Give great service
Independent business people genuinely love what they do, and have the ability to go above and beyond to make sure you are a satisfied customer - saving you time, money, and stress.

Contribute to our community's economic success
More money stays in our community when you patronize locally-owned businesses than when you go to a national chain - money that is used to employ local people, support local nonprofits, and buy local products.

Create community

Independent businesses reflect the values and interests of the community, and often serve as gathering places where you can meet your neighbors, friends, and the owners of the business.

Offer unique goods and atmosphere
Local businesses and organizations offer goods and services that you might not find anywhere else, helping make our area a vibrant, authentic place that is different than other places.

Give back to the community
Local businesses sponsor and participate in events benefiting the community, and donate goods and services to local nonprofits.

Improve our community's environment
Because they live here, local business owners see their businesses' impacts on our environment and community, and have the freedom to implement innovative programs to address these impacts.

Create great places to work
Local businesses have human-scale workplaces that value and involve their employees, and are flexible and fun places to work.

It's your Choice!
If you'd like to see these businesses that contribute to the livability and vitality of this area thrive, look for the Think Local First logo on stores windows, pick up a resource guide, or search our marketplace listings.

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